The Palouse Environmental Sustainability Principles

  1. Ámtkʷin Wáqīšwit

    Pervasive Spirituality

  2. Átwi Ticám Schookwát

    Environmental Knowledge

  3. Ichishkin Koo tkʷiik Pátimátá

    Language and Moral Literature

  4. Áwtni qqánáywit

    Ceremony and Celebration

  5. Áwniyi

    Artistic Expression

  6. Á-i-twá-shá - wi-tásk

    Cyclical Time

  7. Tmáytknee Tamánwiy

    Responsible Innovation

Translated and authored by AYATOOTONMI C. C. Schuster

The unwritten language has been spoken since time immemorial and remains to be shared by the original people and person's community elders. We are at great risk of extinction if we continue to be displaced from our ancestral lands. To learn more about how you can support the loss of our language and help us find lands for current priority projects, please contact us at: