Original People and Persons

Reservations and their bordering lands contain multitudes.

They are Nations within Nations of the Original Peoples and Persons.

KHIMSTONIK aspires to lead responsible land development. We support and promote the stories of the land by weaving a shared web of information among individuals, families, small businesses, tribal governments, and local, state, and federal agencies.

We decolonize the places we live by bringing in the voices of our ancestors and elders, our own relationships, and knowledge of the land's history.

Horn Rapids, named after Horn Jim

Weaving, Historical Presence, Decolonize, Research, Productive Influence

We support, we connect, and we gather our elders to learn and collaborate

"Our strategies of defending cultural practices, building resiliency and decolonizing the land emerge naturally from holding fast to our Native ways in the face of enormous and ongoing efforts to erase our culture and our lands."

- I. Jones 2022