2024 Snake River Healing Canoe Journey and Camp

(Copied from Big Water Salmon Jump 2023 Journey/Charlie Birdhat:)


Personal Packing list:

  • Personal 30-40 Liter Dry Bag If you can afford it, 110 Liter Bill's Bag (two people per bag)

  • Rain gear, warm camp clothes, synthetic river wear layers

  • Good foot wear (water and camp), wool socks

  • Refillable water bottle, Personal hygiene stuff, sunscreen etc.

  • Personal bowl, cup and spork

  • Headlamp (extra batts), locking carabiner, river knife, brimmed hat

  • Extra money $ (if we stop and you want to buy something cold)

  • Sleeping bag, pad and 2-person tent or smaller

  • Trade goods for the journey stops and camps!

Not much more than that...

Snake River, Southeastern Washington State
Snake River, Southeastern Washington State

Begin at:

Perry - Lyons Ferry State Park

End at:

Page - Fishhook Park

2024 snake river healing canoe journey and canoe camp

Thanks to the assistance of our community ally, Charlie Birdhat, we have assembled a list of materials for our 2024 canoe journey and workshop. Please let us know if you wish to contribute to our preparation for the 2024 canoe journey and workshop.

Dugout canoe building tool list:

  • Chainsaw with a 28 - 32” bar

  • (2) Long handled Curved Adze

  • (2) Short handled Curved Adze

  • Sewing flexible measuring tape

  • Carpenter’s Measuring tape

  • (2) Round Draw Knife

  • (2) Straight Draw Knife

  • Colored wood pencils

  • Chalk Snap Line

  • Adjustable Angle Finder

  • Broad Axe

  • Heavy Saw horses

  • Log Peavey

  • Portable Power Drill with bits

  • Palm Sander> with lots of sanding pads

  • Power Planer

  • Log rollers > 5-6’ long timber rounds or posts

  • Wooden dowel > for filling knot holes

  • P.P.E. > Gloves, glasses, close-toed shoes

Dugout Canoe Preservation:

  • Wood Oil (Spar Varnish, Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Beeswax, etc.)

  • Tarp or shelter for outdoor storage.

Dugout Canoe Repair:

  • Plywood and Jigsaw > for Butterfly inlay

  • Wood Glue

  • Forstner Bit > to make recesses for Butterflies

  • Flex Epoxy (If needed)

  • Pine pitch for natural repair.